Find the hidden gems in your area.

Find a cool location, grab your camera & go take photos. It’s that simple!

Use Scene Guide for

?? Location Scouting ⛰?

Essential information for each location

Scene Guide provides tips to ensure you maximize your experience at each location.

Photos of the location

Golden hour data


Permit requirements, where to park your car & more

Use Scene Guide to

Create your collection of 

? Hot Spots ?

Save your favorites in a collection

Scene Guide helps save your locations so you’re prepared for when inspiration strikes

Create custom collections


Search your collection by tag, category, theme & distance

Scene Guide will  get you closer to the

portfolio of your ✨dreams ✨

Shoot new places = Book more jobs

You’ll be the envy of your community with the cool places you find for your next session.

Fuel your creativity

Improve the quality of your portfolio

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